Be not aware of what it is but what it might be.
Be not aware of what you see but what you don’t .
Be not aware of your surroundings but what surrounds you.
Be not aware of your universe but all the ones you might be in.

You are torn, torn between you and them.
They do not see what you see.
They do not do what you do .
But yet,
You are them and they are you.

Torn was first imagined many years ago.
Yet it never became more than a vague concept.
Years later, a few friends tried to re-imagine it together,
And gave it a new, fresh, formalized direction.
But Torn eventually lost itself again,
And lost it shall remain.

Consider this abandonware.


David Filipe
Isaque Sanches
João Antunes
Tiago Marques

Music by Tekuno


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windows version 39 MB
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linux version 48 MB
ps vita version 53 MB

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Really loved the aesthetics and soundtrack. Really nice puzzles too. Want more!

Thanks! Let's see, maybe someday :) 

Hi !

Thank you very much for your hard work ! I just finished your game. I liked so much to play it.

In this dark time, your game shinned my day :)

I'd like to play it again with new stages ^^

Thank you so much for your kind words! We may or may not be working on new things ;)

Played it on my psvita, it was interesting and short but still. Cool game :D


Thank you so much for the kind words!

cool! i enjoyed this a lot.


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Hello. Interesting puzzle game with platformer mechanics. The mood is oppressive and I loved the minimalist aesthetic. Well done. It could be better on mobile device. I wish you the best ++

Thank you for the kind words!

I finished the game yet I kept it open for a while to listen to that cool ambience in the background. I hope that one day I'll learn to make music as cool as that.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I really loved the game. The panning bars in the background makes me want to make a walking-sim game in a barren city scape of semi-transparent sky scrappers.

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Thank you so much. We're happy the game can inspire others. 

I am looking forward to playing that walking-sim. 


Note to self: Do not turn on an autoclicker when your mouse is  on the side of this game. You will have a seizure.

Yes. Please don't. 

loved it.

props to the amazing music for piecing it all together.

Thank you for playing and follow Tekuno (link above) for more amazing musical pieces!