Run the game in fullscreen for the best experience. Also, check Controls first!

Teamworker is the ultimate tool for teamworking improvement.

As an employee of our company, you must be aware on how much value teamworking has for all of us.
THE SACRED LOOP OF TEAMWORK must be preserved.

Show us how much you understand what true teamworking is. You will be monitored.


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Very cool game, I loved the corporate PR ad. I was stuck on 3 for longer than I care to admit, but after that, it clicked.

Thanks for trying it out!

Cool game, Like the idea

Thanks for trying it out!

Did a small update so that the controls work (hopefully) in all keyboard layouts and you can now Retry levels instead of starting from the beginning :)

The retry option adds a lot.

Also it might be nice to see how many more arms still need to be placed instead of just the total. But that might just be me nitpicking :)

It's a very good suggestion. Will do it on the post jam patch